Spinning Playlist – Music to Power Your Workout

The Power of Good Music – In Your Spin Class or Your Daily Workout

One of the things I love most about teaching spinning is using music to energize the people in my class.  When a good song comes on, I know I personally always turn up the resistance a little more and push myself a little harder.  This is the same for any workout I’m doing – Running, Hiking, TRX, boxing, etc.  That said, I’ll post some of my playlists to Nik Nosh Fit so that you can use them too while you’re working out and maybe you’ll be inspired to get a little uncomfortable and push a little bit harder.  The classes that I teach are about 45 minutes (including a quick cool down), so that’s how long each playlist will be.

Each spinning class always has a mix of songs meant for warm-up, sprints, hills and stretching. Sprints will have quicker tempos and hills will have a stronger bass beat.  This can easily be translated to lunchtime treadmill runs. I’ll always pick up the pace on sprints and turn up the incline for hills.

Yesterday’s spin class was a tough one but so fun!  I loved spinning to new music by Coldplay/The Chainsmokers, Selena Gomez, Galantis, and Coleman Hell.   There are a lot of powerful hills here, so get ready to be sore the next day! Enjoy and go get ’em!

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